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City Commission Work Session Minutes - October 21, 2020

Updated: Nov 20, 2020


Vice Mayor Cooper

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Todd Weaver City Manager Randy Knight

City Attorney Dan Langley

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Also Present

Director of Planning and Transportation Bronce Stephenson

Planner Allison McGillis

Transportation Manager Sarah Walter

Vice Mayor Cooper called the meeting to order at 1:33 p.m. and advised that this work session is to discuss OAO issues and Commissioner DeCiccio’s proposal for the “bookend” properties at each end of the OAO district. 2) Discussion Item(s)

Commissioner DeCiccio provided three options for "bookend" properties: 1) leave them out of the OAO; 2) leave them at a reduced FAR with the ability to come back and present their plans for review and adopt amendments accordingly; or 3) leave them out but provide the option to come back into the OAO and the city could review their plans and consider a comp plan amendment.

Mr. Stephenson offered a fourth option to establish a base FAR of 60% and a maximum of 150% including a parking garage which could be modified but would result in small- scale amendments to the comp plan that would not require submittal to the State.

Commissioner Weaver said he is uncomfortable with property at south end due to lack of knowledge of development plans and as a result would support Option 1 or reducing the base FAR to 60%.

Commissioner Sullivan said he is inclined to remove them from the OAO and consider their plans in the normal approval process for variances and conditional uses and feels the best solutions will be found if they are removed from the OAO.

In response to questions by Vice Mayor Cooper, Attorney Langley advised that each option is legally viable but the Commission’s primary goal should be to make policy decisions that are best for the city and draft language based on those decisions.

Vice Mayor Cooper supported leaving these properties in with a FAR of 60%, adding the value of 25% open space to calculate base FAR, and a maximum FAR of 100%, which is the same as other large developments such as Ravaudage.

Discussion followed on FAR and parameters for additional FAR using the enhancement menu for the city to gain open space or obtain property for roadway improvements. Vice-Mayor Cooper asked whether there is consensus to move forward keeping Subareas D, J and I but at a reduced FAR to be determined. Mr. Stephenson advised that the FAR in the most recent draft is 150% for Subareas D and J including parking and 125% for Subarea I.

Mr. Stephenson confirmed that property owners bring forward plans for review and that amendments are needed to the conditional use list to address buildings over 10,000 square feet. He reviewed the approval process and discussion followed on the process.

Commissioners Sullivan said he is inclined to remove them from the OAO because of the work yet to be done and that leaving them in with a reduced FAR does not move the process forward.

Commissioner Weaver supported removing the large properties from the OAO.

Vice Mayor Cooper said she is comfortable adjusting the FAR to be fair and then adopting a maximum FAR consistent with large parcel development.

Commissioner DeCiccio said she could support Option 1 or 2.

Mr. Stephenson said that there is no need for the OAO if these properties areremoved as this was predicated on the concept that large parcel development could benefit the small businesses and Winter Park. He advised that it will be difficult for the city to get property needed for intersection improvements without the OAO and the enhancement menu. Discussion followed on the process for acquiring right-of-way.

After additional discussion on the options and the enhancement menu, consensus was to leave these properties in the OAO.

Vice Mayor Cooper said the language reads that once adopted, changes cannot be made and suggested adding unless specifically outlined herein for these two parcels.

Commissioner Weaver suggesting requiring supermajority vote if changes are allowed.

Vice Mayor Cooper agreed. After discussion, consensus was to place on next Commission agenda for discussion.

In-depth discussion resumed on FAR and height and consensus reached as follows: • Subarea A - Base FAR: 60%; maximum FAR: 60%; height: maximum two stories abutting Orange Avenue. • Subarea B - Base FAR: 45%, maximum FAR: 60%, height: maximum three stories (current).

• Subarea G - Base FAR: 45%; maximum FAR: 45%

• Subarea D - Base FAR: 75%; maximum FAR: 100% or 125% (no consensus); height: current maximum

• Subarea J - Base FAR 75%; maximum FAR 100% or 125% (no consensus). Staff to provide renderings at 125% and three stories (current maximum).

• Subarea K – Base FAR 60%; maximum 80%, additional 20% can only be applied toward a parking structure.

• Subarea I - Base FAR 75%; maximum FAR 100% or 125% (no consensus). Staff to provide renderings at different FARs and height.

Mr. Stephenson commented on the Orchard Supply property and recommended putting it back in the OAO due the limited development options outside the OAO which would allow for shared parking.

Vice Mayor Cooper addressed Subarea E and expressed concern regarding transfer of residential density in this area and opposed transfers throughout the OAO. Removal of residential density transfers from the OAO was approved by consensus.

After discussion, consensus was reached as follows:

• Subarea E – Base FAR: 60%; maximum FAR: 80%; height: four stories.

Mr. Stephenson said he will incorporate today’s changes in the draft ordinance including items related to Subarea C. Commissioner Cooper suggested a separate FAR, with and without a parking garage. She suggested that upon receipt of the draft ordinance, each Commissioner submit list of items of concern regarding draft, which will be consolidated into one list for discussion in January work sessions.

Commissioner DeCiccio left the meeting at 5:46.

Mr. Stephenson summarized the schedule with work sessions on November 19th, December 10th, and start discussion in January 14th based on the list completed by each Commissioner.

3) Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:51 p.m.

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