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 Mayoral Candidates’ Voting Records   

To give Winter Park voters an opportunity to consider and compare the voting records of their two choices for mayor in the upcoming March 9 election, we have compiled this data-driven randomized sample of nearly 300 sets of meeting minutes during the times the two candidates served on the city commission. We looked at their voting record on three issues of primary concern to voters: Taxes, Development/Zoning/Rezoning and the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The two candidates served at different time periods and for different lengths of time on the commission.

Phil Anderson served as a commissioner from 2008 to 2011. Sarah Sprinkel stepped down from the commission last year after serving three consecutive terms since 2011.


As for our methodology, we used this calculator to randomize a 10% sample of the meeting minutes for each candidate in a linear time progression and checked their voting records on these topics. These data provide a representative random sample, not a comprehensive report of their votes. These selected data samples reflect on the voting patterns of the candidates while they served in office. Also, this data is not contextualized by the candidates’ explanations for how and why they voted the way they did. We don’t interview candidates, nor do we write articles about them. That’s not our purpose or goal at Winter Park Sunshine. Neither do we make endorsements of candidates. That’s for the voters to decide. Our task is to provide useful, data-driven information that voters can use as they exercise their power to decide the best course for their city.

Phil Anderson Voting Record
Sarah Sprinkel Voting Record

Sprinkel Source Data:


Anderson Source Data:

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