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City Commission Work Session Minutes - October 15, 2020


Vice Mayor Cooper

Commissioner Sullivan Commissioner DeCiccio

Commissioner Weaver City Manager Randy Knight

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Also Present

Bronce Stephenson, Director of Planning and Transportation

Sarah Walter, Transportation Manager

Allison McGillis, Planner

Mike Woodward, Kimley Horn

Clif Tate, Kimley Horn

1) Call to Order

Mr. Stephenson advised that Commissioner Weaver has requested to change the work session on November 21st from 1:00 to 1:30. Approved by consensus. Vice-Mayor Cooper called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. and introduced the presenters, Mike Woodward and Clif Tate from Kimley Horn.

2) Discussion Item(s)

a. OAO Discussion: Proportionate Fair-Share of Transportation Improvements, General Roadway Design and Palmetto Ave

Mr. Woodward began the presentation on their traffic analysis summarizing previous discussions on FAR, growth, route changes and neighborhood impacts. He responded to questions and outlined the next steps to provide updated report, intersection analysis, corridor improvement plan and transportation plan. He will provide an update on the statement of work and analyses that have been completed. Mr. Stephenson stated that the deliverables from Amendment 1 to the SOW will be provided and he will send the geometry of intersection of Denning/Minnesota/Orange. Discussion followed on the intersection, roundabout and impact on traffic flow on Orange Avenue. He advised that commission support is needed to explore the roundabout which will require reducing Orange Avenue to two lanes. Commissioner Cooper stated more information is needed to make that decision.

Mr. Tate continued the presentation providing information on and responding to questions on funding options. He explained their reasoning for recommending mobility fees based on legal requirements, technical approach options and flexibility. In response to questions, Mr. Tate stated the advantage to mobility fees versus impact fees is that mobility fees can be used for multiple transportation modes and can be used city-wide for general mobility. Discussion followed on moving forward with mobility or impact fees and Mr. Tate recommended mobility fees in a smaller area around Orange Avenue. Mr. Woodward continued the presentation on current conditions, what needs to be accommodated on Orange Avenue and factors that need to be considered before making improvements. He identified the areas that should be improved and changes needed to address these areas. He reviewed the constraints on Orange Avenue and provided examples of early conceptual alternatives of improvements. Mr. Woodward addressed the realignment of Palmetto Avenue at different points and scenarios based on future conditions or development. Discussion followed on alternatives to these realignments. Mr. Woodward strongly opposed a left-turn from Harmon onto 17-92. He summarized FDOT planned improvements and construction on Orange Avenue. He showed conceptual designs of and discussion was held on proposed improvements on Orange Avenue from Clay to Orlando Avenue, Orlando Avenue from Orange to Gay Road and Lee Road to Monroe Avenue. Mr. Woodward advised that they are in the process of traffic analysis on Orlando Avenue based on changes from 2019 to current conditions as schools returned in September. Commissioner DeCiccio questioned the impact of the pandemic on future development and traffic. Mr. Stephenson said that traffic is more dependent on the type of development. Discussion returned to mobility fees and potential costs to the city. Mr. Stephenson addressed the safety issues on Orange Avenue and regardless of the OAO, improvements are needed. Mr. Woodward agreed. Commissioner Sullivan said it may be difficult to "sell" reducing lanes on Orange Avenue. Mr. Woodward said he feels it will be understood if sufficient information is shared and explained. Commissioner Cooper said she feels it important that the data is realistic and tells the true story. Commissioner Weaver expressed his concern about the roundabout due to design engineering and property needed to create the roundabout. Discussion ensued on roundabouts. Mr. Woodward stated there are many components that make the design of this roundabout complicated.

Commissioner Sullivan suggested a moving simulation of the intersection. Mr. Woodward stated the cost of a simulation is dependent on the types and number of scenarios and could cost between $5,000 and $20,000.

Commissioner Cooper read from the scope of work regarding the roundabout and said she needs the costs outlined in the scope of work and feedback from property owners and that tasks already agreed upon need to be completed in order to proceed. Approved by consensus.

Commissioner Cooper addressed upcoming on work sessions. After discussion, consensus was to schedule work sessions on November 19th, December 10th and January 14th and 28th. Mr. Stephenson said he is drafting the ordinance will provide the draft to the Commission after the December 10th work session.

3) Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 3:53 p.m.

Posted to on November 17, 2020.

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