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City Commission Work Session Minutes - May 4, 2020 at 5 p.m.


Mayor Steve Leary

Commissioner Marty Sullivan

Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Meeting called to order

The work session was conducted via GoToWebinar.

Mayor Leary called the work session to order at 5:00 p.m.

Mayor Leary said he feels this is premature and should be addressed after completion of the OAO process when comp plan and zoning regulations are in place.

Commissioner DeCiccio proposed the city reopen boat ramps and dog parks. Mayor Leary agreed and suggested opening the Farmer’s Market on a smaller scale at the West Meadow. Commissioner DeCiccio agreed.

Commissioner Sullivan supported reopening boat ramps, dog parks, tennis center and Farmer’s Market and also suggested reopening the Library. Mr. Knight said he will contact Library but currently it is closed until June 1st. Consensus was to reopen the tennis center, boat ramps, dog parks and modified Farmers’ Market at West Meadow.

Progress Point

Mr. Knight advised that Steve Goldman and Kasey Gardner will be making presentations on proposals for Progress Point.

Planning Director Bronce Stephenson stated the current zoning and land use of the approximate 4.5 acres is office which does not allow flexibility for restaurants and any other use would require rezoning with city-wide notice. The current FAR is 45% which allows for a structure of about 100,000 square feet with 2-3 stories. Currently, the property provides parking for Orange Avenue businesses. Previous discussions on use included 1.5 acres for parkland, parking, shared parking and uses complementary to the park including outdoor dining. The OAO ordinance that was adopted and then repealed established a FAR of 25% which is approximately 40,000 square feet and would allow FAR up to 60% if the additional 35% FAR was for arts and cultural uses. He responded to questions stating that the FAR would be 60% FAR with a residential component if approved as part of conditional use.

Steve Goldman provided the background of the concept created several architects working individually and without any business interests. He showed a video of an aerial view of the property with park land, surface parking and four one-story buildings with rooftop venues, and a promenade. He gave a presentation on the details on the promenade between buildings, park uses, interior space with multiple vendors, rooftop overlook that extends the park experience, framework with different footprints, buildings, parking, and bike path connecting to Mead Gardens.

Commissioner Cooper asked for clarification on the space between buildings, width of Palmetto Avenue right-of-way and financing options. Mr. Goldman explained the opportunities for financing by a developer or create non-profit organization which has financial advantages and allows the city to retain control over the design.

Larry Adams stated this is intended to be a framework to attract private or public stakeholders. He said the passages between buildings is 12-15 feet and the central plaza which lines up with the promenade is approximately 25 feet wide.

Mr. Goldman said that there are many other ideas and that provide opportunities for discussion and merging of concepts and encouraged others to present their ideas.

Mr. Stephenson explained the parking requirements and said he feels restaurant use is ideal but would require three times the parking required for retail and office use resulting in the need for a parking structure to accommodate area businesses as well as on site businesses.

Mr. Stephenson responded to question stating that the Palmetto right-of-way is 50 feet. He explained opportunities for a bike lane along Palmetto Avenue while protecting the lane width. He advised that a parking assessment will begin as businesses start reopening.

Will and Kasey Gardner gave a presentation on a conceptual plan with a 1.5-acre park, a 2-story, 40,000 square foot office building, and 134 parking spaces. He showed site renderings with a 100-foot setback from Orange and Palmetto, parklet and conceptual office elevations. He stated he feels this would be economically viable and achieve desired objectives.

Mr. Gardner responded to questions. He stated that surface level parking would only accommodate those using the office building during the day but would accommodate evening businesses and restaurants and visitors to the park. However, if there is a need for more parking, a two-level parking structure could be built. He stated their preference to pay fair market value for property excluding the 1.5-acre park area but with a willingness to contribute partially toward the construction of the park. He said they would consider a minimum 50-year ground lease.

Mayor Leary said he feels the city should do an RFP in the future but the requirements should be in place first.

Commissioner Cooper stated that she developed a presentation to guide this meeting which includes a proposal by Commissioner Sullivan and revisions to the zoning and comp plan.

Commissioner Sullivan stated his intent is to provide an overview and develop priorities of what uses would best serve the citizens. He reviewed his proposal for a 2-acre park with sidewalks and amenities to complement the park; 1.7 acres to serve the public interest for parking and non-profit arts and culture use, and .06 acres for Palmetto Avenue.

Discussion ensued on parking requirements and data from area businesses on their parking in order to determine parking needed in the area.

Commissioner Cooper said she would like to discuss the use, parking, parkland and other components of the redevelopment of this property with future discussion on zoning and comp plan amendments. She is not inclined to rush to release an RFP.

Commissioner Weaver said he is not inclined to go to RFP at this point. He said he has issues with the parking calculations which is further complicated by Jewett changing ownership and their on-street parking. He supported the 1.5-acre park and realignment of Palmetto to provide exfiltration under the street.

Commissioner Sullivan said he feels policies are needed to guide the development and potentially an RFP. He feels a parking structure should remain as an option.

Mayor Leary clarified that he did not intend to develop the parameters for an RFP in this meeting but to develop policy for future development.

Commissioner Cooper said she feels it is best if each aspect were discussed toward reaching consensus on some areas. The aspects were discussed and general agreement reached as noted:

· Palmetto Avenue realignment - Allows for a parking garage. No intent to give away city-owned property. Maintain 50’ right-of-way and realign.

· Parking – need additional data and analysis of needs of area businesses.

Mayor Leary left meeting at 6:37 p.m. Vice-Mayor Cooper chaired the meeting.

· Parkland – Locate in the northeast portion of the property, require approximately 1.5 acres excluding the bike path, maximum of 20% hardscape excluding walkways and areas between buildings.

· Uses – Allow retail, office, restaurant, arts and culture but no residential. Additional information is needed to determine need for surface parking or parking garage. Property would be leased, not sold.

· FAR – Establish separate FAR for buildings and parking structures with consideration of 70-90% additional FAR for parking structures and 15% FAR for buildings if Palmetto right-of-way is excluded.

· Height – Maximum 2 story height for buildings and 2-story/3-level parking structures.

· Drainage – Need to validate regional needs.

Commissioner DeCiccio asked staff to provide a list of items agreed upon and send to the Commission.

Commissioner Cooper said this is will provide a guide to code and comp plan changes but clarified that this is not a final product and can be revised. She stated that data/analysis is needed. She asked Mr. Knight for additional work sessions that would be convenient for staff. and suggested further work sessions and public input opportunities as this moves forward.

Mr. Knight said that alternate Mondays between regular meetings works well from a timing standpoint. Consensus was to schedule work sessions as recommended.

Commissioner Weaver questioned whether it is urgent to schedule OAO work sessions more frequently than every other week. Commissioner Cooper said her only sense of urgency is the need to provide guidance to staff for data/analysis. Mr. stated that could be added to the next Commission meeting.

In response to a question by Commissioner Cooper, Mr. Knight said he will contact the Winter Park Playhouse to determine their interest and timing in relocating to Progress Point.

Commissioner Weaver asked about the board appointment process. Mr. Knight explained that second reading of the ordinance establishing the process is scheduled for May 11th, applications will be accepted through June 1st, and appointments made in the June 22nd meeting. He stated that Commission members could submit their appointees to him by June 10th and staff will determine duplicate appointees and try to resolve duplications with the commissioner and the appointee before appointments are made.

Discussion ensued on the process and likelihood and resolution of duplicate appointments. Commissioner Cooper asked for a list of member requirements for specific boards.

Commissioner Cooper summarized the discussion and topics for future discussion.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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