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City Commission Work Session Minutes - May 27, 2020 at 3 p.m.


Mayor Steve Leary

Commissioner Marty Sullivan

Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Others Present:

Bronce Stephenson, Director of Planning

Blake Drury, GAI

Steven McDonald, GAI

Meeting called to order

Mayor Leary called the work session to order at 3:00 p.m. He advised that Commissioners DeCiccio and Cooper submitted written comments about the statements of work.

Commissioner Sullivan commented on resuming in-person meetings and said he feels this should be a commission decision. Mr. Knight explained that the scheduled meeting was intended to be a trial run in preparation for resuming in-person meetings and to test technology for future commission meetings. He provided details on how the meetings will be held in compliance with social distancing and group size guidelines. After discussion, Mr. Knight advised that he will cancel the in-person meetings and reschedule virtual meetings.

Orange Avenue Overlay – Data and Analysis Discussion

GAI Statement of Work

Bronce Stephenson, Director of Planning and Transportation, said the goal for this statement of work is to provide GAI with Commission’s request for level and analysis and number of different scenarios for land use and traffic in order to for GAI to develop their statement of work and to move forward with the new OAO.

After comments by Commissioner Cooper, Mr. Drury stated that they will revise the scope to include a presentation of third-party professional economic assessments of comparative values of the incentives and the corresponding enhancements.

Mr. McDonald explained the concept of incentives and their cost and value. He recommended pursuing a hypothetical perspective as opposed to selecting specific parcels. He reviewed their approach for developing an analysis based on current conditions and on different scenarios.

Commissioner Cooper said she would like to see the relative value of an additional percentage of FAR compared to the cost of enhancement menu items. Commissioner Sullivan agreed.

Discussion ensued on establishing parameters based on FAR, size of properties and use of property, land values and the need to know the property owner’s development plans, and the city’s objective for creating the OAO and create land use code.

Mr. Drury stated his understanding of the Commission’s request to provide rough order magnitude cost for each enhancement from the incentive menu. He suggested that there may not be a need to determine the cost of all incentive items.

The following components of the scope of work were discussed.

• Task 1, FAR Range of 200% or less (including garage in FAR calculation) – Discussion was held on the range and data points in between. A Range of 60 – 200% with target data points at 60, 130, 150 and 200 was suggested and approved by consensus.

• Task 1, Approximately 4 acres or less – After discussion, consensus was to set a range of 4 to 5 acres.

• Task 1, Deliverables – tabular summary of key data to clarify program ratio mix will be held consistent to reduce the number of variables across projects. Commissioner Cooper suggested adding setbacks and open space to the list of key data.

• Task 2, Commissioner Cooper suggested that the ratio of mix of uses will remain constant to reduce the number of variables.

• Task 2 – Mass Modeling - maximum allowed proposed OAO as currently written is close to the FAR of 200 including parking garage. After discussion, consensus was set the target range between 130% or 150% with data points that provide the best contrast between 60%, the mid and 200%

Commissioner DeCiccio expressed her concern about the cost of this study. Mayor Leary stated with these clarifications on the scope, GAI will present a final scope of work and cost.

Kimley Horn Statement of Work

The following components were discussed/addressed:

• Nodes of Intensity parcels. The analysis will cover traffic issues on Orange Avenue, impact to residential neighborhoods and traffic diverted to neighborhoods. Once development scenarios are provided, information on the redesign of Orange Avenue and long-term will be provided.

• Tech Memo #4. Orange Avenue has been looked at with a roundabout and with a lane reduction. Mr. Woodward explained the effect of a roundabout in reducing congestion, delays and volume and increase pedestrian safety. Lengthy discussion followed on roundabouts at Orange/Minnesota/Denning and Cypress, rights-of-way and improved pedestrian crossings and traffic calming. Mr. Woodward advised that prior to undertaking any conceptual design of the roundabout, they need to know if a road diet will be done. Funding options be included in the scope of work.

Mayor Leary left the meeting at 5:11 p.m. Vice-Mayor Cooper led the meeting.

• Execute entire agreement with pause between Tasks 3 and 4 for decision-making in the statement of work. Commissioner Cooper suggested that the Commission approve the entire agreement at one time but pause after Task 3, reduce it to two scenarios and then allow Kimley Horn to proceed with Task 4.

• Road segments included in the statement of work. After discussion, consensus was to add the Palmetto Avenue extension.

• Task #1, Trip generation and development scenarios. Commissioner Cooper suggested clarifying the subareas (D, I and J) and the FAR to include the square footage of a parking garage, mix of use to reflect 25% of a second use, ratio of mix to be held constant across all development scenarios, and 45% of properties in Subareas A, B, C, E, F J and K to be developed to their maximum entitlement. After discussion on trip generation data, consensus was to allow Kimley Horn to determine the application of internal capture and pass-by.

• Impact to neighborhoods. Commissioner Cooper suggested identifying Lake Midget, Orwin Manor and Garden District neighborhoods.

• Palmetto Avenue. Commissioner Cooper suggested adding to the scope recommendations for Palmetto Avenue and the anticipated footprint of future parking garage on Progress Point.

Further discussion ensued on whether to approve the entire agreement or approve Tasks 1-3, pause and then approve Task 4 separately, fees and funding. Mr. Knight explained the current status of the contingency fund has been reduced due to COVID19 and said it could be funded from reserves.

Commissioner DeCiccio expressed her concern about spending money at this time due to the COVID19 and moving into hurricane season and said she feels the developers should be paying for the traffic studies based on their projects.

Additional discussion was held on:

• Available and needed data and accuracy of collecting data this summer and moving into the school year as a result of COVID19.

• Improvement modeling and costs.

• Development scenarios. Scope includes two scenarios.

In response to comments by Commissioner Sullivan, Public Works Director Troy Attaway stated that the last change to Orange Avenue was only the addition of bump -outs. There was no additional parking and lanes were not narrowed. Discussion followed on potential changes to Orange Avenue.

Commissioners Sullivan and Cooper stated they are ready to move forward with the full scope of work. Commissioners DeCiccio and Weaver stated they move forward with only the first three tasks.

Commissioner Cooper said that perhaps a different approach would be to adopt a future land use designation of mixe use overlay and then allow developments to apply for land use change or rezoning under that new designation.

Commissioner DeCiccio said she understands that the purpose of an overlay is to provide standard guidelines for consistency in design. She said that she feels an overlay is important for redevelopment along Orange Avenue and favored adoption of some version of the overlay.

Commissioner Sullivan agreed with Commissioner DeCiccio and said there is an expectation that the OAO will be reissued.

In response to comments by Commissioner Weaver, Commissioner Cooper provided the background and adoption of the comp plan as it relates to overlay. Discussion followed on opportunities for overlay districts.

Commissioner Cooper asked, in the existence of lawsuits and to address the perception that the Commission is not quickly readopting an overlay, if commission would want to consider a very conservative OAO that could be amended once the data and analysis is complete.

Commissioner DeCiccio said she feels agreement can be reached on some properties including smaller properties, Progress Point, and Jewett. The largest issue will be the “bookend” properties on either end of the overlay district. She feels the majority of it can be done quickly because most of it is already written and spoke in favor of moving forward.

Commissioner Weaver spoke in favor of removing the two “bookend” properties and moving forward with most of what was previously agreed upon for other properties.

Commissioner Sullivan said she is in favor of continuing on the same path with specifying entitlements on Holler and Demetree properties. He spoke in favor of continuing with an overlay including these two properties which are an integral part of the overlay.

Lengthy discussion ensued on components and concerns of the OAO including extension of Palmetto, and Denning/Fairbanks intersection improvements, determination of value of enhancements, density, FAR, transfer of development rights, vacation of rights-of-way, and moving forward with or without traffic data and analysis.

In response to questions about changes created by the OAO, Attorney Ardaman advised that property owners must be notified of any changes to provide with them with the ability to utilize their property. He stated that moving forward now, with a revised OAO for all of the properties, through the process originally used to adopt the OAO is wise. He recommended moving forward in good faith in order to meet the intent to develop a revised OAO.

Commissioner Cooper suggested that the commissioners develop a list of concerns/changes and bring to a work session to go through the document. She asked that staff send a copy of the ordinance approved on first reading to the commission.

Mr. Knight commented on the closure of Park Avenue for Mother’s Day weekend events. Staff is proposing a similar event for graduates and one for Father’s Day weekend closing Park Avenue from Friday afternoon through Saturday night. After discussion, consensus was hold only one event or a combined event.

The work session adjourned at 7:29 p.m.

Posted to on June 29, 2020.

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