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City Commission Work Session Minutes - May 18, 2020 at 3 p.m.


Mayor Steve Leary

Commissioner Marty Sullivan

Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

Deputy City Clerk Kim Breland

Meeting called to order

Mayor Leary called the work session to order at 3:00 p.m.

Library and Events Center

Mayor Leary opened the meeting and Mr. Knight stated that Russel Crader of Adjaye Associates would give a presentation on the current interior design of the Library and Events Center.

Mr. Crader gave a presentation on the library campus and provided details on exterior of the buildings and reviewed history of the development of the design for the Library and Events Center. He stated that the combined buildings create a full campus that allows both buildings to function independently and together.

Mr. Crader reviewed the layout of the first and second floors and presented detailed renderings of the interior of the library and the events center buildings and outdoor space. He said that the campus area between the library and events center could be used as a space for activities as well as the connection point between the two buildings.

Mayor Leary explained that Staff had received questions and suggestions from the Commission for the design team. Comments/questions were reviewed and discussed as follows:

• Extend the second floor to the outer wall for additional square footage. Commissioner Sullivan explained that some residents feel the new library should have more square footage than the old building. Mr. Crader explained that the square footage could be extended, but would diminish the quality of space and light. In-depth discussion ensued regarding the design, building code, project timeline and the financial impacts that would result from adding more square footage to the second floor.

• Replace circular stair with conventional staircase with a landing - Commissioner Sullivan opined that given the age and ability of people who will visit the library, a conventional staircase would be safer and having a landing would provide a nice area where people could gather. Mr. Crader stated that he was not aware of any data that would suggest a conventional staircase was less safe than a monumental staircase. Discussion ensued on the design of a monumental staircase versus a conventional staircase, safety standards, cost and timeline to redesign and construct a conventional staircase and the location of the two additional staircases at either side of the library.

• Have library staff manage room reservations. Mr. Knight stated that under an agreement with the Library and Events Center, the City would be managing the rentals of the events center working closely with the library for their activities.

• Have a café in the library – Mr. Knight explained that the library asked for the café be removed from the design and noted that the area had been plumbed so the used bookstore could be converted into a café in the future. There was discussion brief discussion of

Commissioner DeCiccio’s idea to use the rooftop as a café during the day or rent it out to vendors for sandwiches, coffee, etc. Consensus was to discuss from a functional standpoint in the future.

• Used Bookstore – the New Leaf Bookstore is a used bookstore.

• Safety of the second floor where children could climb on shelving - Mr. Crader presented renderings of the shelving and overlook from the second floor. He stated that the shelves would be 42 inches which is the code standard for balustrade height and the height was extended for the far balustrade. He provided a diagram with dimensions for the extended shelf at the top of the balustrade and stated that it would provide a deterrent to climbing the shelving unit.

• Drive-thru drop box for books – Included in the design and part of the plan.

• UPS power supply – Commissioner Sullivan asked whether the library would need a backup generator. There was previous discussion to add a backup generator for the property. Discussion ensued on climate control protocol for archived documents during extended power outages. Mayor Leary suggested discussing this issue again at a later time.

• ADA Compliance - Mr. Knight stated the facility would meet all ADA standards

• Computer areas with room for notes etc. and printing - Mr. Knight stated that the facility had a larger computer lab than the current Library and business center as well as a place for staff computers. Commissioner Sullivan stated that the computer lab work areas may need more spacing and allow the ability to print from a computer at a reasonable price. Mr. Knight stated that staff would take care of the requests.

• Options for reducing sound from auditorium events to minimize impact on patrons in the library. - Mr. Knight stated that there is a curtain rated for sound, but would not block out all sound due to ADA access requirements. Loud events would not be programmed in the area during traditional study time and that it would be up to the library to program accordingly. Discussion ensued regarding the design and location of the auditorium, ambient noise and decibel levels throughout the library and the option to add a permanent wall and doors in the future should the library find it necessary.

• Can windows be darkened for conferences? Mr. Crader explained that the windows would not be darkened and the digital apparatus in the events center is designed for daylighting sequence. He stated that there is a “darkening on the windows”, but it would not completely blackout the room.

• More room for the New Leaf Bookstore and security. Sabrina Bernat, Director of the Library explained how the bookstore, money and valuable books and materials are secured.

• More storage – Mrs. Bernat stated that storage has been added by reducing staff work areas and there is designated storage for youth and staff and additional storage in the basement.

• More small group study areas – Commissioner Cooper explained that she received emails asking about scheduling rooms on a long-term basis and expressed her concern that people may use those spaces as a place of business for tutoring. Mrs. Bernat stated that there would be library policy in terms of best practices and usage including limiting number of daily hours in study rooms, frequency, advanced bookings, etc. She added that the facility was fulfilling all of the needs for individual and collaborative study.

• Budget risks and overage responsibility – Mr. Burns stated that the steel was addressed and is a CM contingency with no cost to the City and the precast was a CM risk. Risk for the City was relatively low because of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). There was a brief discussion on the risk for the caned wall to the City versus the CM.

• Budgets for IT and furniture - Mr. Knight stated that the City has worked with the design team on furniture that fits into the design of the building. They are in final discussions on what furniture to order and he is comfortable with furniture budget. Commissioner Cooper asked Mr. Knight to share information on the furniture and visuals for future discussion.

• Second Floor Children’s area safety concern - Commissioner Weaver suggested that the top shelf have a “bullnose” to prevent any head strike injuries. He asked Mr. Crader if there would be the same balustrade treatment on all four sides of the second floor. Mr. Crader confirmed that the treatment would be on all four sides.

Library and Events Center discussion concluded.

Commissioner Sullivan asked that staff provide an update on the motions and action items from the May 13th meeting. Mayor Leary asked Mr. Knight to provide the Commission with an update via email.

Commissioner Weaver discussed structural considerations for the rooftop of the library that would allow installation of solar panels in the future. He commented on a Tesla power wall as an option. Discussion ensued regarding timeline and budget. Mr. Knight stated that staff is continuing to investigate ways that solar could be implemented during the construction of the library now as opposed to in the future and mentioned using CRA funds. Commissioner Cooper stated that although she is not opposed to solar for the library, she is concerned about funding and opposed using additional CRA funds for the project except for Martin Luther King park and parking treatment. Mr. Knight stated that Staff would provide an update to the Commission regarding the solar panel initiative.

Commissioner Cooper asked for consensus to request staff to provide a spreadsheet of tasks/ action items, timeline for delivery of information and person assigned for actions the Commission has given to Staff for the library project. Commissioners Sullivan and Weaver concurred.

Mr. Knight provided a recap of action items discussed in the work session.

• Agreement on meeting room scheduling/sharing.

• Safety feature on second floor shelving to include bullnose to prevent injury.

• Options for café on rooftop or plinth.

• Adequate separation between people in computer lab to spread out materials

• Visuals on furnishings

• IT budget.

• E-mail commission status update for action items from May 13 including solar options

• Tesla power wall as well as staging items and funding

• List of tasks/action items, staff/team responsibilities and timeline

• Detail on overall budget.

• No consensus to expand second floor or eliminate the circular staircase.

Mayor Leary discussed positive feedback he received regarding the closing of Park Avenue during Mother’s Day weekend. He asked the Commission if they would like to have staff revisit closing Park Avenue again. The Commission was in support of closing Park Avenue again and after discussion, consensus was to

• Post signs during events and Farmer’s Market to encourage social distancing and wearing face masks.

• Provide face masks for people attending the event.

• Explore options that would reduce staff overtime costs for Police and Staff for the event.

• Consider event options for restaurants outside of the downtown area.

• Provide costs related to health (social distancing/face masks), fairness and safety for event.

Commissioner Cooper asked to address the Commission regarding the OAO work session on May 20th. She stated that the primary objective for the meeting was to finalize the data and analysis scopes of work GAI and Kimley-Horn. She asked that the work session be moved to the following week to give staff time to receive the necessary data to conduct the work session efficiently. She provided an agenda and discussed the structure for the work session. Consensus was to reschedule the work session to Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

Mayor Leary adjourned the meeting at 5:57 p.m.

Posted to on July 3, 2020.

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