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City Commission Work Session Minutes - March 30, 2021


Mayor Phil Anderson

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Clerk Rene Cranis

1) Call to Order Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.

2) Discussion Item(s) a. Commission priorities Mayor Anderson stated that this meeting was to generate and prioritize a list of topics and projects put forth by the commission and City Manager. Once the list is created, during a brief recess, the list will be grouped and details added with possible direction to staff for action, future work session discussion, or part of strategic planning.

Commissioner Cooper spoke on the strategic planning process, specifically a public survey and use of a moderator(internal or external) for strategic planning session.

Mayor Anderson gave an update on federal earmark funding stating Congresswoman Murphy’s staff clarified that projects (full or portion of) should be between $100,000 and $1.2 million. They will speak with her staff again after the commission present them with an outline of items that fall within that parameter and can meet the 12-month time frame for project completion. Mr. Knight stated the list of the projects consist of Mead Garden improvements, Progress Point, greenway connectivity, and Central Park stage.

Mayor Anderson opened the floor for each commissioner and City Manager to present their list of priorities as follows:

Mayor Anderson: • Consolidated 5 and 50-year plan for projects on parks, mobility and traffic. • CRA – possible boundary modification and time extension • Visualize the Vision Statement – Move from visualization to creating images of village charm and consistency in neighborhoods (retain professional in traditional neighborhood design). • Incentivize business and institutional recovery, use as opportunity to target specific retail and commercial office uses. • Study obstacles for people to serve on city boards or city commission. • CRA – possible removal of areas that have run their course, • Fairbanks Avenue - appropriate place to study for CRA extension or overlay. • Annexations – future plans, research • Consider adding neighborhood advisory board.

Commissioner Weaver • CRA – Extension of time and boundaries down Denning and including ProgressPoint. • Obtain easements and land purchases for Denning/West Fairbanks intersection improvements. • Reduce curb cuts on Fairbanks Avenue. • Install solar on city buildings where space is available. • Lake quality and relationship to septic – planning for sewer hookup for lakefront homes and businesses. • Transition city-owned vehicles to electric, including police department. • Start planning Howell BranchPreserve improvements, specifically canoe trail • Prioritize Phases II and III of fiberoptic project. • Adopt sustainability action plan. • Prioritize retrofitting outfalls to lakes • Support advancement of rail link between the airport and Sunrail.

Commissioner Cooper • Acquisition of Post office property • City Hall • CRA – Expansion of boundaries • Public rights-of-way improvements (aesthetics, higher standard of appearance) • City assets, i.e., well head near golf course(define property) • Traffic • Pension - moving from defined benefit to defined contribution • Central Park expansion • Education and training of boards, commission and residents (citizen academy)

Commissioner DeCiccio • CRA expansion • Progress Point- connectivity, bike path, sidewalks • Cyber security • Fire Department training facility • Environment - reduce carbon footprint • Emphasize on walkability and connectivity • Expand WiFi for all public parks and playing fields • Continue to support existing museums • Revise board application, process, website content, and dissemination of boards and vacancies. Suggested and agreed to lead a committee to review and make recommendations.

Commissioner Sullivan • Protect historical heritage and enhance traditional scale and charm. • Environment - energy/ water conservation, natural resources and tree canopy • Incentivize and create an environment to promote and support arts and culture and artists of all levels.He stated he is interviewing artists and venue owners on how the city can help to promote arts and culture. • CRA expansion • Acquire post office property • Howell Branch Preserve • Mead Botanical Garden • Make sure minutes are current and posted on the website.

City Manager Knight • Strategic Planning session- clear direction on where commission wants staff to direct their efforts outside routine responsibilities. • Global list of future property acquisitions if opportunity arises. • Make decision on city assets, i.e. old library, tree farm, Swoope yard, city hall. • Fiber in homes

Mayor Anderson called for a recess at 11:10 and reconvened at 11:23.

Mayor Anderson suggested that a work session is needed to review the list of future projects, whether funded or not, and the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan. Consensus was to schedule a work session for the morning of April 14th.

The Commission discussed the following and took action as noted:

5 and 50-year Projects • Parks (Acquisition of post office for Central Park, Progress Point, Howell Branch Preserve, Mead Garden, bike paths, parking) • Traffic (Fairbanks, Orange Avenue) • 5- year CIP o Post Office, Fairbanks Avenue, Progress Point, MLK parking. (Part of discussion in 4/14 work session)

• Funding/Initiatives

o Fiber Optic, PhasesII & III (need staff report to see what these phases look like and schedule work session if needed)

o Business/Economic Recovery (Staff report in next Commission meeting with focus on existing businesses and filling vacancies in controlled and safe re- emergence)

CRA Adjustments

• Expansion, reduction and time extension. (Commissioner Weaver to work with staff and prepare for future work session after OAO work sessions are completed)


• Adopt Sustainability ActionPlan which includes the environmental issues noted. (Delay until city board review is complete and schedule a work session in 3-4 months)

City assets

• Driven by funding or reuse of facilities, i.e old Library. (Part of Strategic Planning discussion).

Cyber Security

• Part of fiber option and WiFi expansion. (Staff report in 4/14 Commission meeting)

“Vision” in Vision Statement

• Review and adopt Vision Statement toward clarifying the vision to retain village charm and traditional neighborhoods with physical representation. (Work Session to be scheduled after OAO work sessions are completed.)

3) Adjournment

The work session adjourned at 12:01 p.m.

Posted to on May 3, 2021.

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