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City Commission Work Session Minutes - June 24, 2019


June 24, 2019

The work session was called to order by Mayor Steve Leary at 2:30 p.m. in the

Commission Chambers, 401 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, Florida.

Members Present

Mayor Steve Leary

Commissioner Greg Seidel

Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper (arrived 2:43)

Commissioner Todd Weaver

Also Present

City Manager Randy Knight

Debbie Wilkerson (for Clerk Bonham)

Electric discussion

City Manager Knight spoke about purchasing the system in 2005 being a long process and the franchise gave us the right to purchase after the 2001 expiration. They were granted the right to buy the system as of January 2001 that had left out areas they had since annexed that are areas outside the City’s service territory that are still Duke Energy and some OUC.

Electric Director Dan d’Alessandro spoke about speaking with Duke Energy where he asked them if there is a way the City can acquire the additional areas that were unincorporated at the time of the purchase that are now incorporated into the City. He displayed a map showing these areas. He stated that Duke commented they are not interested in giving up their areas and the only way they have done this in the past is with a like-for-like trade that would make geographical sense to them. They did say that they would like to help the City with whatever issues they would like to resolve which would include undergrounding. There was further discussion regarding the undergrounding and any involvement of Duke Energy. City Manager Knight spoke about the current territorial agreement with Duke.

Commissioner Weaver, who asked for the work session, had questions regarding the rate structure, the history of the franchise and the length of the franchise. City Manager Knight explained the franchise and the City having the right to purchase.

Commissioner Sprinkel spoke about the annexation of Ravaudage and asked about how new annexed areas are handled. Commissioner Seidel asked if Duke would allow the City to underground their lines. It was clarified that the City can do that. Mayor Leary spoke about the City can only do so much undergrounding depending on the existing funds.

Comments were made about having discussions with Duke that the City would like to underground their power lines for City residents. Mr. D’Alessandro stated if that would happen he would prefer that Duke does it because of their rules but that he would be happy to oversee it. Commissioner Cooper spoke about the Duke areas close to the City that we have no control over. Commissioner Seidel spoke about the need to underground the Orwin Manor residents and if special taxing could happen to pay for it. Commissioner Cooper asked about poles that are leaning and what is being done to remove them.

Mr. D’Alessandro mentioned that the City is on target with the undergrounding schedule to make the City’s goal but will not meet the target this year because of other issues coming forward. He hopes to be completed by 2026.

The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

View the original PDF at the City of Winter Park.

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