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City Commission Work Session Minutes - December 7, 2020


Vice-Mayor Carolyn Cooper (joined at 3:07 p.m.)

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Attorney Kurt Ardaman

City Attorney Lance King

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Also present: Peter Moore, Division Director, Office of Management & Budget Eric Lovvorn, External Affairs Director SE, Extenet Systems, Inc. Glen Price, Seniro Network Engineer SE, Extenet Systems, Inc. Mark Holm, Senior Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, Extenet Systems, Inc. Mike Burke, Construction Manager, OSP SE, Extenet Systems, Inc. 1) Call to Order The work session was called to order by Commissioner Weaver at 3:00 p.m. 2) Discussion Item(s) a. Extenet Presentation on 5G Peter Moore summarized the work completed thus far and discussed the agreements for deploying SG in the City.

Vice-Mayor Cooper joined the meeting at 3:07.

Mr. Lovvorn gave a brief overview of ExteNet which provides communications and infrastructure services for advanced network connectivity and shared infrastructure approach for mobility solutions. He identified venues and cells served by their company and explained images depicting 5G technology.

He reviewed an aerial view of the city showing existing AT&T nodes and several designs of proposed poles and cabinets for housing 5g antennas and equipment. Mark Holm, Exenet attorney, reviewed the terms of the agreement, State Statutes and regulations governing this agreement.

City Attorney Lance King agreed with Mr. Holm’s interpretation and stated that from legal standpoint, it allows the city to regulate aesthetics without overstepping legal requirements. In response to questions, he explained that the city can regulate reasonable aesthetics, location and electrical codes but cannot keep them out of right- of-way and cannot set strict spacing requirements.

Discussion followed on restrictions and regulations on locations including historic districts and number of sites.

Mr. Moore advised that the attorney can look at historic location restrictions and contact City of St. Augustine who has 5G.

Staff and Extenet representatives responded to questions regarding safety, risk exposure, reimbursement for power used, reliability, and emergency response after severe weather events. Mr. Lovvorn advised that local internet service would be more appropriate for large office buildings or venues than 5G, including the Library.

Discussion followed on current and future technology (4G Enhanced and 5G) and proposals of other providers.

Mr. Moore advised that AT&T approached Extenet who approached the city to install 5G.

Mr. Lovvorn pointed out that approval of a master utility agreement is needed in order to co-locate equipment on Winter Park Electric and do power for those sites.

Vice Mayor Cooper asked if there are other options. Attorney King said that it is in the city's best interest to enter into the agreement. City Attorney Kurt Andaman added that the city could say but Extenet could challenge and litigation could be lengthy and costly.

After additional, comments, consensus was to place on a January agenda.

The meeting adjourned at 5:17 p.m.

Posted to on January 27, 2020.

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