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City Commission Work Session Minutes - August 13, 2020 at 1 p.m.


Vice Mayor Carolyn Cooper Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio Commissioner Todd Weaver City Manager Randy Knight City Clerk Rene Cranis Absent: Mayor Steve Leary Also present: Bronce Stephenson, Director of Planning and Transportation

Allison McGillis, Senior Planner, City of Winter Park Sarah Walter, Transportation Manager, City of Winter Park

Dr. Peter Lemieux Thomas Zurcher & White, P.A.: Thomas Thomas and Carol Zurcher GAI Consultants: Steven McDonald, Blake Drury, Laura Smith, Natalie Frazier Kimley Horn: Mike Woodward

Meeting called to order Vice Mayor Cooper called the work session to order at 1:03 p.m.

OAO Discussion a. Discussion with OAO Property/Business Owners

Dr. Peter Lemieux, 1185 Orange Avenue, commented on parking, stormwater and traffic issues and expressed concerns that traffic improvements that will restrict traffic flow and about increased density on each end of Orange Avenue. He spoke in favor of greenspace and parking on Progress Point and revitalization of Orange Avenue.

Mr. Thomas expressed concern about the lack of safety due to on-street parking and poor line of sight. He feels that to be successful, Orange Avenue needs to be a destination but it will not happen until traffic and safety improvements are implemented.

In-depth discussion was held on parking issues, potential traffic improvements and opportunities to purchase or lease parking spaces. In response to questions by Commissioner Cooper, panelists commented on the convenience of the potential locations of parking garages, density and height.

Mr. Stephenson asked if there is interest in subleasing owned parking spaces to other businesses during their non-operating hours. Dr. Lemieux replied yes and Ms. Zurcher stated that due to the nature of the business, tax season could prevent them from subleasing spaces after regular business hours but they could consider leasing for weekend use.

Vice Mayor Cooper called for a recess at 2:05 and reconvened the meeting at 2:15 p.m.

b. Kimley-Horn Traffic OAO Analysis

Discussion of data points used to measure potential build-out

Mrs. McGillis and Mrs. Walter explained the assumptions in the scope of work and reviewed the methodology to determine the FAR assumptions to calculate trip generation using the 45% build out scenario as defined in the scope of work. Mrs. McGillis pointed out that this only considers what is currently developed, not what is allowed under current regulations. Mrs. Walter summarized the results of the methodology and went through the calculations of how staff analyzed the 45% build out scenario. Discussion followed on the methodology and using a 45% versus 60% build out scenario.

Mr. Woodward explained the assumptions and spoke in favor of using a 60% build out scenario. Mrs. McGillis explained that this would provide more meaningful data.

Vice Mayor Cooper said the objective is to show reasonably anticipated traffic counts based on new development and recommended staff work with Mr. Woodward. The Commission discussed that the 60% build out scenario would be an acceptable analysis.

c. Discussion of Financial Analysis & Deliverables from GAI

Mr. McDonald gave a presentation on the proforma approach and reviewed development scenarios showing profit changes, value of FAR and cost per acre. Discussion followed on other scenarios and impact on the analysis. Commissioner Cooper stated the intent is to look at a typical scenario in an average development in order to determine value of enhancements or each percentage of FAR.

Ms. Smith reviewed the cost estimate approach and assumptions used and average total cost and range of total cost per 1% entitlement bonus. The cost ranges could be narrowed if the calculation for enhancements are modified. Discussion followed on different entitlement scenarios and creating reasonable and equitable entitlements.

Vice Mayor Cooper suggested that staff work with consultant to ensure that the assumptions are consistent with proposed OAO policies and to refine the definition of enhancements to reduce the range of value in order to provide a more predictable and reliable value. Further discussion ensued on value of different enhancements.

Commissioner Cooper suggested using an average property size of 4 acres and cost of land.

Commissioner Sullivan reviewed a drawing of stepbacks from the building line. After comments, Commissioner Sullivan stated that he would discuss this with staff.

Commissioner Cooper suggested adding discussion of setback for different roads in a future work session.

Commissioner Cooper spoke on self-guided tours and that staff will be providing data relative to setbacks, open space, mix of uses and parking.

The work session adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Posted to on September 24, 2020.

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