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City Commission Work Session Minutes - April 29, 2021


Mayor Phil Anderson

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

Asst. City Manager Michelle Neuner

Deputy City Clerk Kim Breland

Also Present:

Planning and Transportation Director Bronce Stephenson

Planner Allison McGillis

Transportation Manager Sarah Walter

1) Call to Order Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m.

2) Discussion Item(s) a. OAO Discussion: Zoning Code Ordinance Page by Page Review Mayor Anderson stated that review will continue of the zoning ordinance beginning on Page 29.

Initial discussion was held on the inclusion of Subarea G, purchase of Fairbanks Avenue properties, utilizing the Future Land Use Map change to add properties back into the OAO, and future development of the Fairbanks properties and restricting the future use to parkland. and area traffic conditions.

During review of the ordnance, consensus was reached on the following:

Subarea G: • Add Subarea G d back into OAO • Development Standards: Setbacks at 25 feet • Additional Development Requirements. – Remove the following language: “at a failing intersection. and Any properties acquired by the City of Winter Park shall be dedicated as parkland or towards transportation improvements.”

Orange AvenueOverlay District Subareas and Standards for Development • Last paragraph, add the sentence: “Mixed-use can be vertical or horizontal.” • *Residential units limited on the first floor along Orange Avenue and Fairbanks (limit on units or linear feet frontage [20 to 25 feet]). By consensus.

Subarea A • No change. Lengthy discussion was held on stormwater retention requirements. Historic Preservation, in the document: Leave as is.

Subarea B. • Setbacks: Front/Street: 25 feet within100 feet of the Fairbanks and Denning intersection, otherwise front setback is 20 feet.

Subarea C. • Item (3)(a)(3), Subarea C Development Standards: Change maximum height to 2 Stories or 35 feet (including any awnings or shade structures) for Commercial Structures and Parking garage shall be allowed up to 4-levels including the rooftop. Add “Total FAR must be divided between multiple buildings.” • Maximum Impervious Coverage: 75%

(7) (d) Additional Development Requirements. Revise #7 to state “Walkways that are at least 5 feet wide (paved or bricked) must exist between buildings onsite and extend from the park area to Cypress Ave. “

Subarea D. • (a) Subarea D Development Standards: Change: (a)3: Maximum Height: 5 Stories or 56 feet • (c) Road Realignment, add “No on-street parking permitted on a roadway with a curve where the curve exceeds 60 degrees.” (staffto add linear distance).

Subarea E: No changes/

Subarea F: No changes.

Subarea H: No changes.

Subarea I: No changes.

Subarea J: • Development Standards: add #7 “Vehicle access to the property shall only be allowed from Capen Avenue or Holt Avenue.A service alley of 30 feet service the buildings on the property is required running from Holt to Capen.” • (b) Required Development Enhancements: add “The City of Winter Park shall determine the area required to be dedicated for intersection improvements and the required land may be property under common ownership located offsite from Subarea J.” • (4) Section to be reviewed by City Attorney. Add requirement for a Development Agreement acceptable to the City Attorney. • (u): duplicate language throughout stating boutique hotel has minimal food and beverage operations, no banquet facilities and has 100 rooms or less. Change second sentence to read “It is largely characterized …” • Enhancement menus: Revise enhancement table label fourth column” Incentive Achievement Maximum.”

b. OAO Discussion on Traffic Mayor Anderson opened the discussion for Commission comments. Commissioner Weaver expressed traffic concerns about the intersection of Denning and Fairbanks. Mrs.Walter noted that Kimley-Horn had conducted different scenarios for the Denning/ Fairbanks intersection with north/southbound turn lanes and east/west bound turn lanes as well as a few other scenarios. She gave a brief overview of the findings and answered questions from the Commission. Mrs. Walter will provide more detailed information to the Commission in the next packet.

Commissioner Sullivan asked for an update on real world examples of six-point intersection. Mr. Stephenson stated that he has found images of real-world examples and is working on locating the data to support his findings.

Discussion was held on a safety and signalized improvements for Orange Avenue.The following points were discussed: • Widening of sidewalks, two-laning Orange Avenue with a third turn lane and the six- point intersection. • Through-put analysis of roundabout vs. signalized intersection • Anticipated macro numbers after all road improvements are completed (FDOT and City) • Impact of right-of-way additions at the intersection of Fairbanks and Denning • Bike/ped safety • Lane configuration for safety

• Palmetto realignment location, utilities placement.

• D parcels ownership and impact on Palmetto realignment

• Denning intersection, 17-92 intersection, and overall corridor vision

Mr. Stephenson summarized the Commission’s request for Kimley-Horn to conduct a study of the roundabout vs. a signalized intersection at Minnesota/Orange/Denning and reviewed the traffic analysis that will be conducted by staff.

The next OAO work session will be held Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

3) Adjournment

The work session adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Posted to on May 31, 2021.



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