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City Commission Work Session Minutes - April 28, 2021


Mayor Phil Anderson

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

Deputy City Clerk Kim Breland

1) Call to Order Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

2) Discussion Item(s) a. Continuation of discussion of Commission priorities and projects.

Mayor Anderson stated the purpose of this work session is to review the list of projects and programs for use of federal funding under the American Recovery Act. A spreadsheet was displayed showing short-term projects and cost and future projects that are not ready or may not be eligible for ARA funds but may be eligible for future funding opportunities, i.e. federal infrastructure funding.

Mr. Knight stated the city will receive over $12 million from the ARA, half in May and one-half one year from now and reviewed the guidance on revenue replacement.

Members of the Commission discussed the projects, timing and funding.Consensus was reached as follows: Reimbursement for COVID Related Revenue Shortfall: • Restore Reserves, $800,000 • Traffic Enhancements, $750,000 (can be covered by future transportation impact fee, potential federal infrastructure funding, or share of state ARA funding) • Neighborhood Traffic Calming, $250,000 • Park Improvements, zero (funding source identified, CRA funds for MLK improvements) • Downtown Circulator, zero (long-term) • Amphitheater, zero (working with potential donor) • Old Library Building roof and A/C, (Schedule work session to discuss improvements and future use of building after Library moves to new location) $300,000 for asset preservation. • Central Park - USPS additional funding, (Schedule work session), zero. • Progress Point Park, $2,000,000 • Progress to Mead Connector(just the trail),$500,000 • Strategic Land Acquisitions (geared towardFairbanks improvements - use CRA or parks acquisition funds), $1,000,000 • Cybersecurity Enhancements, $500,000 • Parking Garage (potentially funded from other sources), zero • Solar, zero (Congressional earmark funding request) • Affordable Housing, change to Housing Authority improvements, zero (Congressional earmark funding request) • Station 62 Improvements, zero (potential infrastructure funding) • Fire TrainingFacility, $550,000 • Bike and MobilityPlan, zero (potential infrastructure funding) • 2016 Vision and Traditional Neighborhood Design, $50,000 for resident survey • Sustainability Program - vehicles, equipment, $350,000 Transfer to state for Winter Park state road improvements, $2,000,000 (infrastructure bill). Recurring Non-profit partners (excluding Dr. Phillips): • Winter Park Library Art and Furnishings, $800,000 • Mead Garden - Capital, (Congressional earmark request), zero • Non-Profit Operational Support, $1,100,000 (50% of 2021 city contribution) o Library o Mead Garden operational support o All other non-profits Household and Small Businesses, $700,000. Develop macro for this group. • Utility Payment Assistance Program (forgiveness of remaining payment plan) • Business façade program • Business recruitment program • Humanitarian support Tourism, Travel and Hospitality • Central Park Stage, $800,000 • Downtown restroom, zero

• Boat tour (dredge canal and property clean-up, $100,000

• Other (marketing, events, etc.), $200,000

• Dinky Dock, $154,000


• Connect facilities with fiber (reimburse electric fund), $962,000

• Public WIFI (expansion), $250,000

Long term projects included: City Hall, septic to sewer conversion, fiber to the home, potential annexation related expenses, outfalls to lakes, parking garages, Orange Avenue traffic solutions ($5 million), Fairbanks ped/bike crossing, long-term strategic plan 25-50 years, trees and rights-of-way for 17/92 project.

Mr. Knight pointed out that all of the funding does not need to be allocated at this time since the city will only receive½ of funds this year.

3) Adjournment

The work session adjourned at 12:21 p.m.

Posted to on May 31, 2021.

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