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City Commission Work Session Minutes - April 21, 2021


Mayor Phil Anderson

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Also Present:

Planning and Transportation Director Bronce Stephenson

Planner Allison McGillis

Transportation Manager Sarah Walter

1) Call to Order Mayor Andersoncalled the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

2) Discussion Item(s) a. Page by page review of OAO zoning code.

Mayor Anderson advised that this work session will be a page by page review of the draft zoning ordinance dated April 13, 2021. Consensus was reached on the following: • Remove Subarea G: add note “not used” (Remove throughout document). • Page 2, Item 2b: delete the word “section”and change to reference provisions • Page 4, Item 13: leave as is (remove suggested revision) • Page 5, Item c2: add “51% of sales are from food sales.” • Page 5, Item c4: add with minimal food and beverage operations, no banquet facilities (100 rooms or less) • Page 5, Item c17: add “massage services must be part of a spa, cannot be a stand-alone business.” • Page 5, Item c15 add “(vertical or horizontal)” • Page 6, Item 22 delete “excluding single-family detached homes.” • Page 6, Item 24: leave as is • Page 6, Item d: add #6 Resale/antique stores(as a conditional use) • Page 6, Item 26, leave as is • Page 6: add #27 Shared Office Space • Page 6 d5, change to “Buildings or permitted uses within this section…” • Page 6 Add #7 “Vehicle sales showrooms meeting provisions of 58-76(c) and (p) • Page 7, Item2, leave as is • Page 8 Item g: Topic for discussion in future work session. • Page 9, Item i, Change title to” Block Structure and Circulation Requirements.” • Page 9, Item 3: leave as presented • Page 9, Item c: change “1800 linear feet” to “1500linear feet” • Page 10, Item j1: define parking garages in terms of levels rather than floors. Change parenthetical example to “A 3-story wraps around a 4-level interior parking garage. Change maximum height of first floor to 12 feet. (Amended in 5/12 meeting to read “Change maximum height of floors above the first floor to 12 feet.”) • Page 11, Item 2: add separate sentence “The build-to line is established by the ….” and add as note in all figures. Add “* maximum setbacks for Subareas A and B” • Throughout document: change floor to ceiling height to match code. Change from state roads to all roads for a 10 ft. setback. (Amended in 5/12 meeting changing “setback” to “stepback.”) • Page 37: establish 35-foot setback from back of sidewalk for Fairbanks and 45 feet beginning at third story. (update figures in document). • Page 12, delete references to six stories. • Page 13, last sentence in first paragraph under Figure 3: change “at a minimum of every 4 feet” to “offset at a minimum of four feet.” • Page 14, first paragraph: change to read “façade break-up at least every 30 feet.” • Page 14, Section 2: delete and renumber subsequent sections. • Page 14, new c: leave as presented. • Page 18, 2nd full paragraph: change to read “… encompassing no more than 15% of the building roof area or 15% of building street facing facade width not to exceed 30 linear feet of a given façade...“ Add “roof garden, green roof features, solar panels permitted 30%.” • Page 18, Item 10: change to read “All external renovation or development projects and conditional use request within the OAO…” • Page 19, Section k2: change minimum street travel to 12 feet from 24 feet to indicate single lane width. • Page 19, Item k2: add sentence “No on-street parking permitted on a roadway with a curve where the curve exceeds 60 degrees.” (include linear footage)

• Page 19, Item 3d0): revise to “…shall be required to provide parking in accordance with the off-street parking requirements defined in Section 58-86 subject to credit of 50% of the rooms.”

• Page 20, Item 3f: revise parking requirements to: one-bedroom or studio - 1.25 dedicated parking spaces per unit, two-bedroom – 2.0 dedicated parking spaces per unit; three-bedroom or above - 2.5 dedicated parking spaces per unit.

• Page 21, Item 7a: renumber to 8 and subsequent paragraphs.

• Page 21, Item 8: revise to read “…developments that provide parking at least 10% above what is required by minimum code requirements...”

• Page 22, Item d: revise to read: “…comparables) to small businesses in the OAO

locatedin Subarea A.

• Page 22, Item h: revise to read “Subarea A properties shall be offered priority for parking spaces that are…”

• Page 24, Item m: change to “At least 50% of open space areas provided shall be green space” and delete“and 80% of open space areas shall be pervious or semi-pervious.”

• Page 25, Item n4: change minimum clearance to 7 1/2 feet from the sidewalk.

• Page 26, Item s: leave as presented.

• Page 27, Item r: add “or Director of Public Works”

• Page 29: To be discussed as part of review of each subarea. The next work session is scheduled from April 29 at 1:00 p.m.

3) Adjournment

The work session adjourned at 6:32 p.m.

Posted to on May 31, 2021.

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