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Winter Park City Commission - Meeting Minutes - April 8, 2019


April 8, 2019

Mayor Steve Leary called the meeting of the Winter Park City Commission to order at 3:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, 401 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, Florida. The invocation was provided by Father Richard Walsh, St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members present:

Mayor Steve Leary

Commissioner Greg Seidel

Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Pete Weldon

Also Present:

City Manager Randy Knight

City Attorney Kurt Ardaman

City Clerk Cynthia Bonham

Approval of agenda

Motion made by Commissioner Sprinkel to approve the agenda; seconded by

Commissioner Weldon and carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

Mayor's Report

No report.

City Manager's Report

City Manager Knight provided an updated on the buoys in the lakes.

City Attorney's Report

No report.

Non-Action Items

No items.

Consent Agenda

a. Approve the minutes of March 25, 2019.

b. Approve cancelling the May 27, 2019 Commission meeting due to the

Memorial Day holiday.

b. Approve the following contracts:

1. Le-Huu Partners; Associated Consulting International: Amendment to renew RFQ-3-2017 - Continuing Contract for Professional Architectural Services; As-needed basis

2. Singhofen & Associates; Geosyntec Consultants: Amendment to renew RFQ-4-2017 - Continuing Contract for Professional Stormwater Management & Design Services; As-needed basis PULLED FROM CONSENT AGENDA BY COMMISSIONER SEIDEL DUE TO A CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

3. Universal Engineering Sciences; Terracon Consultants: Amendment to renew RFQ-10-2018- Continuing Contract for Professional Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting; As-needed basis PULLED FROM CONSENT AGENDA BY COMMISSIONER SEIDEL DUE TO A CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

4. Lewis Outdoor Solutions: Amendment to IFB-7-2017 - Landscape Maintenance of City Facilities - to add the Palm & Pineywood Cemeteries to the scope of services; Increase contract spending by $55,000

Motion made by Commissioner Sprinkel to approve Consent Agenda items a, b, c-1 and c-4; seconded by Commissioner Cooper and carried unanimously with a s-o vote. There were no public comments made.

Motion made by Commissioner Sprinkel to approve Consent Agenda items c-

2 and c-3; seconded by Commissioner Cooper and carried with a 4-0 vote

with Commissioner Seidel abstaining due to a conflict of interest. Form SB

is attached. There were no public comments made.

Action Items Requiring Discussion

a. Charter Review Facilitation

Motion made by Commissioner Cooper to approve Marilyn Crotty as the facilitator for the Charter Review Committee; seconded by ·Commissioner Seideland carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

b. Discussion of implementing a Transportation Impact Fee

City Manager Knight explained the state process that has to be followed to implement an impact fee. Discussion included whether to solicit consultants and include this as part of the budget process, whether to work with the Transportation Advisory Board to investigate issues and bring back their findings with the Commission, determine better ways to manage traffic, and to work with the FOOT. Public Works Director Troy Attaway explained the mobility plan they are ready to conclude and will bringing this forward to the Commission.

After questions were answered by Mr. Attaway, a motion was made by Commissioner Seidel that we ask the Transportation Advisory Board to evaluate the best way to fund the projects in our mobility plan; seconded by Commissioner Cooper.

Comments were made that the Commission needs to review the mobility plan first before moving forward with the advisory board.

There were no public comments made.

After further discussion, the motion was withdrawn. There was a consensus that staff present the plan to the Commission after the Transportation Advisory Board completes the evaluation of the study and determine from there if a work session will need to be scheduled with the TAB to discuss the projects in full or to only present the mobility study to the Commission.

Public Hearings:

There were no public hearings.


Chamber of Commerce CEO Becky Gardner Eckbert addressed the upcoming Taste of Winter Park event.

Sabrina Bernat, Winter Park Library, spoke about National Library Week and highlighted the events they are planning.

Citv Commission Reoorts:

Commissioner Seidel - Commented that he attended the Lurline Fletcher celebration (she passed away a year ago}. Addressed the scheduled Orange Avenue planning events that he attended and about being asked about properties owned by the Mayor. Mayor Leary stated that anyone saying his properties are affected is premature and if that becomes an issue, the City Attorney will address it if necessary.

Commissioner Sprinkel - Commented about attending the Economic Summit and that our community is changing and becoming more a more multi-cultural community and that traffic is increasing because of economics. She attended a workshop 'adverse childhood experiences' and commented on the support from other entities to support our children. She attended the Dinner on the Avenue event. She spoke about the

56 valedictorians from the Winter Park High School that were honored.

Commissioner Cooper - Commented she is glad the transportation issue is moving forward. She commented that she was contacted by two property owners regarding Orange Avenue after the Planning Department meetings who were concerned that the property owners had not been reached out to enough regarding what they want. She spoke about a concern from someone regarding a possible conflict of interest with a city property on Park Avenue.

Commissioner Weldon - Spoke about a concern brought forward from a political forum concerning the Westside and the 1994 CRA plan where the original plan refers to the residents as apathetic. He stated the residents asked if something can be done about that. He suggested a resolution be adopted that clarifies that the Commission does not share that point of view. There was a consensus to bring forward a resolution.

Commissioner Weldon also spoke about the Charter review process and that he was asked that a Westside resident be part of the process. Commissioner Weldon addressed the Charter change to allow runoffs and that he believed it was not a good idea to allow this because of extending the election process and campaigning another month and having to raise additional contributions. The discussion of the election process and possible changes to the Charter will be addressed with staff providing options to be considered.

Mayor Leary - No report.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

View the original PDF at the City of Winter Park.

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