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Winter Park City Commission - Meeting Minutes - June 10, 2019


June 10, 2019

Mayor Steve Leary called the meeting of the Winter Park City Commission to order at 3:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, 401 Park Avenue South, Winter Park, Florida. Alan Rusonik, Head of School Jewish Academy of Orlando provided the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members present:

Mayor Steve Leary

Commissioner Greg Seidel

Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

Also Present:

City Manager Randy Knight

City Attorney Kurt Ardaman

City Clerk Cynthia Bonham

Approval of agenda

City Manager Knight introduced John Wayne Smith (from Peebles & Smith lobbyists)

who provided an update on the Legislative session.

Motion made by Commissioner Sprinkel to approve the agenda; seconded by

Commissioner Seidel and carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

Mayor’s Report

Sabrina Bernat, WinterPark Library, spoke about the summer reading challenge.

Mayor Leary introduced 8 year old Michael Ott and his parents and summarized his

many achievements in sports to include baseball and golf. This included a recent trip to Scotland “US Kids Golf – 2019 European Championship” where he was the only one to make the qualification for this event in Florida and one of only 5 Americans his age to make it. This was among many other achievements.

a. Appoint Mary Daniels to Charter Review Advisory Committee

Motion made by Mayor Leary to appoint Ms. Daniels, seconded by

Commissioner Cooper and carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

b. Establishment of Auditor Selection Board

Motion made by Mayor Leary to appoint the four members as recommended by staff: David Currie, Emeritus Professor of Finance and Economics at Rollins College; Charlene Hotaling, Vice President/Business Banking Manager, Seacoast Bank; David Moore, Financial Advisor, and Paula Satcher, CPA; seconded by Commissioner Sprinkel and carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

After discussion, motion made by Mayor Leary to appoint Commissioner Seidel as the Chair of the Board; seconded by Commissioner Sprinkel and carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

City Manager’s Report

a. Staff update regarding Lee Road/Bennett/Executive intersection

Planning Director Bronce Stephenson provided an update on the realignment of the Lee Road/Bennett Road/Executive Road intersection as part of the Ravaudage development and the meeting with developer Dan Bellows to have an agreement in place. He commented that was extended last year because of a lot of coordination issues specifically with Duke Energy. Staff has contacted Duke Energy to get the numbers it would take to remedy the situation with the transmission lines on the south side of the road. He stated Mr. Bellows has also begun the intersection design that is being reviewed by staff and hopes to have an agreement by the end of the year with the preliminary design; then it is performing the annual traffic evaluation until the intersection can be warranted by the DOT.

Mr. Stephenson answered questions of the Commission. Commissioner Sprinkel expressed concerns with this causing cut-through traffic through the neighborhoods. Commissioner Seidel expressed his concern with the timing and would be more comfortable if they had a complete design done by the end of the year. Commissioner Weaver commented about the undergrounding issues and coordination with Duke but asked if there are stormwater or other issues that need to be planned out as well. Public Works Director Attaway addressed the storm sewer pipe running under the area. Water/Wastewater Director Dave Zusi commented that everything on the south side is handled separately from the north side so there are no issues with utilities.

Other comments

City Manager Knight stated that staff is ready for the hurricane season.

He updated the Commission about the three task forces in place; Charter Review

Committee, Library Reuse Task Force, and the Orange Avenue Task Force.

Commissioner Cooper asked about staff taking over various maintenance with the new library, scheduling campus promotions, adding a City employee to be the campus manager and the financial impact of this. Mr. Knight will provide that information to the entire Commission. She asked when the tree preservation program presentation will be on the agenda. She provided maps from 2017 and 2018 showing the Orange Avenue study areas. She stated they need to stay within the original bounds of the study area that was brought forward for approval and if the Commission does not want to do that and wants to change the boundary, they need to have further discussion. City Manager Knight clarified the Commission has not voted on the boundaries. Commissioner Cooper addressed the 50 additional properties that should be a discussion item that have been added since Dori Stone presented the Orange Avenue study area to the Commission. Planning Director Stephenson commented about the additional properties and development trends and turnover on the north side of Fairbanks. After further comments, Commissioner Cooper asked for a consensus to either have a work session where they agree on an Orange Avenue area or go back to the original overlay.

Mayor Leary addressed the transparency of the project with the committee that was formed and that they need to trust the committee to work with staff to determine the proper boundaries. Mr. Stephenson spoke about the draft map they have used from the beginning of the public input that has not changed since he took over the project and that he is happy to modify it if staff has direction from the Commission.

Commissioner Seidel commented about agreeing to review a larger area because of his interest in a greenway going from Mead Gardens to MLK Park and they have added parcels that could help make that happen. He spoke further about possible rights-of-way that could be modified to help with traffic circulation.

Commissioner Sprinkel spoke about her preference not to have hard lines at this point and wanted to see a vision as to what Orange Avenue can become.

Commissioner Weaver spoke about conversations he had with Commissioner Seidel before he became commissioner about the Fairbanks/Denning bottleneck and to make the Fairbanks Avenue lights faster. He also addressed the center turn lane on Pennsylvania to help relieve traffic that development on Orange may cause. He asked about the other lots north of Fairbanks and the rationale. Mr. Stephenson provided input which he clarified was not the opinion of the committee or anyone else that the northwest area gives them the connection to Mead Garden and fixing the intersection at Fairbanks and Denning traffic flow could be increased by putting a dedicated left turn lane east and westbound. He provided additional comments regarding this.

In conclusion, Commissioner Cooper stated that she believes that expanding the Orange Avenue Overlay to the north of Fairbanks is a slippery slope, is not comfortable with it and probably will not ever support it. Mayor Leary stressed the importance that the steering committee do what they were appointed to do and come back to the Commission with their recommendations.

Other issue

Commissioner Seidel asked for clarification of the appraisal of the old library and the intent of the numbers provided to them. City Manager Knight explained they understood the upper end value was an assumption that the property could redevelop without the building and the lower end value was if someone was forced to use the existing building. He explained both uses have the same zoning and that he will clarify the appraisal with the appraiser. Commissioner Cooper spoke about not wanting any new R-4 development in the City that they agreed on and it should be capped at R-3. Mayor Leary clarified that people are grandfathered into R-4 but there will not be any new R-4 zoning and would not support R-4 zoning at the site.

City Attorney’s Report

No report.

Non-Action Items

No items.

Consent Agenda

a. Approve the minutes of May 13, 2019.

b. Approve the following formal solicitation:

1. Heart Utilities of Jacksonville, Inc.: RFP-10-2019 – Electric Utility Installation & Maintenance Services; Authorize staff to enter into negotiations.

c. Approve the following piggyback agreements:

1. Charlie Brown's Hauling & Demolition, Inc.: Pasco County contract #IFB-SN-18-130 – Boarding of Vacant & Blight Structures; Not to exceed $75,000 per year, pending budget approval.

2. Cintas Corp.: Omnia Partners contract #R-BB-19002 – Facilities Management Products & Solutions; Not to exceed $75,000 per year, pending budget approval.

Motion made by Commissioner Sprinkel to approve the Consent Agenda; seconded by Commissioner Seidel and carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote. There were no public comments made.

Action Items Requiring Discussion

No action items.

Public Hearings:


Attorney Ardaman read the resolution by title. Communications Director Clarissa

Howard summarized the policy. Commissioner Cooper asked for clarification of

‘tangible work benefits’ in the policy that the City Attorney will clarify.

Motion made by Commissioner Sprinkel to adopt the resolution; seconded by Commissioner Seidel. There were no public comments. Upon a roll call vote, Mayor Leary and Commissioners Seidel, Sprinkel, Cooper and Weaver voted yes. The motion carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.


Mary Daniels, 650 w. Canton Avenue, asked that microphones be used at the Charter Review Committee meetings so the audios are clearer. Discussion ensued whether they should change the location and to make sure audios are clear.

Barbara Chandler, 730 Minnesota Avenue, thanked the Commission for appointing Mary Daniels to the Charter Review Committee. She spoke about the Heritage Center rededication of the Tuskegee Airmen statue on June 22.

Camille Koehler, 1780 Tippicanoe Trail, spoke about concerns she had with deficiencies with the HeartUtility contract.

City Commission Reports:

Commissioner Seidel – Asked about the upcoming budget schedule. City Manager

Knight summarized the proposed schedule beginning in July.

Commissioner Seidel spoke about the Chamber event regarding the Legislative session that was very beneficial.

Commissioner Sprinkel spoke about the following: 1) the Holiday Retirement Senior Living event that is headquartered here; 2) she attended Linda Stewart’s Legislative update; 3) she attended the library kickoff for the summer and addressed the excitement of the families there; 4) she met with Peggy Bol from California who is working with the Garden Club that will be celebrating their 100th year in 2022 and who wants to share what they are doing; 5) she attended the children’s gala who honored Buddy Dyer for his work with young children in the community; and 6) mentioned other great children’s programs coming up in the City (Father’s Day, Phelps Park, etc.). She suggested adding ‘families’ to the ‘community for culture and heritage’ vision statement.

Commissioner Cooper – Spoke about upcoming work sessions and her preference to schedule additional work sessions to discuss City issues so everyone understands where each Commissioner is coming from and possible solutions moving forward. She expressed the importance that they are sharing the same information and that they need to have sessions to talk to each other. Discussion ensued regarding the library budget that will be addressed at the time is it presented. No consensus to have a work session at this point.

Commissioner Cooper spoke about the CRA funds and wanting to schedule a budget work session. She asked instead of having the schedule of one-on-one meetings that they meet as a body. Consensus to schedule a CRA budget work session.

Commissioner Weaver – Asked about having a meeting to discuss the library in general. Commissioner Cooper asked for a consensus for them to sit down for a de- brief on their individual meetings with the design team and staff because of concerns she has. Commissioner Weaver agreed. Commissioner Seidel suggested once the price comes forward for the final design plans to discuss it then. There was not a consensus.

Commissioner Weaver applauded Mayor Leary for his appointment of Mary Daniels to the Charter Review Committee. He reported that the Polasek is having a pollinator series and a tour by a professional beekeeper. He addressed buying a large bat house holding 600 that is fully stocked. He reported he was asked by the University Club to speak at the science, health and history series where he spoke about the history of sanitation and has been asked to provide that lecture at two other venues in the City.

He addressed the May 13 minutes that were approved this evening and that the minutes reflected his presentation was against the library project but that he is not against the project but is concerned the cost and design aspects. He stated his request to delay the vote that evening was so Commissioner Cooper could be present and to look at some of the practicality of the features. He addressed the need to sit and discuss the design thoroughly because of detrimental issues that should not go to the detail stage. Commissioner Weaver did not receive a consensus to hold a work session at this time.

Mayor Leary – No report.

The meeting adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

View the original PDF at the City of Winter Park.

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