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City Commission Work Session Minutes - October 28, 2019

Updated: Mar 11, 2020


October 28, 2019


Mayor Leary

Commissioner Greg Seidel

Commissioner Sarah Sprinkel

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

Assistant City Manager Michelle Neuner

City Attorney Kurt Ardaman

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Discussion on Charter Amendments

City Manager Knight reviewed the charter questions approved by consensus in the last meeting: General Provisions, Preamble, Article I, Sections 1.01 to be consolidated. Sections 2.06, 2.17

Knight –

Weaver and Cooper – keep at 3

Cooper – finance important to residents. Fresh eye, checks and balance.

Seidel – practice – good to change – what time frame?

Randy doesn’t require to change does require bidding. Fresh eyes every year due to change of auditing team. Charter committee unanimously approved. Managing partner required to change.

Leary – follow the recommendations 3 years

Seidel – ok with 5

1.03 clears form of government

Cooper – going to define. Knight – can do in explanation of charter questions for clarity. Put forward – separate question.

2.03 – Cooper – totally destroy reputation prior to probable cause. Should not be handled by Commission.

Langley – State has a process for ethics complace in violation of 112, governor has powers. This is broader allow for removal for violation of charter.

Sprinkel – issue is the amount of power.

Langley – go with other proposed revisions- forfeiture of office 2.07, prescribes process for violations of charter. In the absence of adding language, every has right of due process.

Sprinkel – have a process. Weaver agreed. Recall? Langley: in charter.

Ardaman – deal within the Charter. Very generic statement defined by the

Commission. Not in charter or “establish by ordinance.”

Discussion on rights of due process, charter violations and recall

Develop process by ordinance – Sprinkel, Mayor (language by Kurt) shall establish a procedure for removal from office.

Cooper – no; Seidel -

Mayor – process for violations that won’t be addressed by State

No consensus 2.023, 2.07, 2.10

Discussion 2.19 which relates to investigations of staff. Can be separated from

2.03, 2.07 and 2.10.

Langley – interference with (2.19 exception)

Discussion on provision and “deal” with” Cooper opposed – observe, ask and understand. Direct v deal. Langley – not aware of reasons for change, trying to clarify. Make sentence grammatically correct just to allow members to interact with staff but not direct. Staff to work on language before regular meeting.

2.05 – Mr. Knight reviewed proposed language, puts in voters “hands.”

Cooper salary increase effective after sitting commissioners leave office. Cpi max = to employee increases. Cooper – encourage more diversity – financial inability to pay. Weaver support. Sprinkel – opposed. Seidel – let citizens vote and supported Cooper’s timeline.

Sprinkel – decrease by ½. If you’re going to do it, do it all at the same time.

Add – compensation paid at beginning of new term.

Discussion on timing and perception of giving themselves a pay increase.

Cooper – restated increase should never be more than the employees. Consensus

(cooper recommendation and starting 10/1/20 (Charter recommendation)

2.08 – Cooper – a) starts to look like Sunshine violation. Langley – Clerk is designated contact for setting special meeting requested by Commission on a specific topic. Knight – policy – attempt to schedule special meetings during a regular meeting.

Consensus – no change to (a) – Seidel opposed to eliminating changes recommended by charter review committee.

Discussion on minimum notice for special meetings.

Consensus – leave (a) as questions, change to 48 hours.

Cooper, Sprinkel – leave 24

Video conferencing – Cooper – technical requirements –limited # of times to video conference, Knight –allows for video conference with ordinance with provisions.

Sprinkel – vote counts to vote.

Neuner – acknowledged video versus phone

Leary – not here, vote doesn’t count. Sprinkel agreed.

Seidel – about customer service. No tie votes.

Weaver – benefit – with reasonable limit

Cooper, Sprinkel and Leary – no

(b) – journal – okay.

2.11 – remove since not moving forward with video conferencing. Leave put in administratively – land to real property.

3.01 – Sprinkel – go to state requirements on and fine for non partisan violations. (no link to political party or accept contributions either money or in-kind contributions)

Cooper – okay with Seidel’s language (from previous commission meeting)

Sprinkel – check websites for county rules.

Seidel – issue ….more about campaign workers than the candidate as it relates to

accepting contributions from political parties. Who determines by violation.

Ardaman – processes adopted by ordinance or resolution.

Langley – language – non-partisan – modeled after judicial nonpartisan elections.

Cooper okay as written Weaver and Seidel in agreement.

4.05 – Knight – Civil Service – working with Police and Fire on modernization of

Civil Service Code. Would go along with the charter amendments in 4.05.

Cooper – do not have a clear enough understanding what we are losing or what is wrong with existing Civil Service Code. Leaving as is until more information on reasons for change. Opposed to City Manager having operational control over Police and Fire Departments.

Knight – will be provided an ordinance for adoption. Current charter that could conflict with CSC. Amendment would – appeals for discipline and approval by SOGs. The code would also be approved by the voters.

Cooper – cannot support

Leary, Weaver and Sprinkel okay with recommended changes.

Cooper 4.05 (m) financial conditions of city not as “deemed necessary” by City

Manager. Knight – deemed necessary.

4.07 – tied to 4.05

5.08 – petition drive allows more time to comply – Cooper – okay to 180 provided more time is given to residents –more time to collect petitions.

Leary, Seidel and Sprinkel – okay with Charter Committee recommendations.

5.10 – moving 1.03 – to 5.10.

Seidel – okay with current language.

The meeting adjourned at 3:26 p.m.

View the original PDF at the City of Winter Park.

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