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City Commission Work Session Minutes - June 10, 2021


Mayor Phil Anderson

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Attorney Kurt Ardaman

City Clerk Rene Cranis

Also Present

Director of Planning and Transportation Bronce Stephenson

Planner Allison McGillis

Transportation Manger Sarah Walter

1) Call to Order Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 3:34 p.m.

2) Discussion Item(s) a. OAO Discussion Mayor Anderson stated in addition to the published agenda items, the city attorney will provide guidance on the Bert J. Harris act and future actions on the OAO.

Commissioner Cooper suggested that cost estimates should be included in the agenda packet and posted on the website for transparency. Mr. Stephenson stated that when the final deliverables are received from the consultant they will be posted.

Mr. Ardaman explained the provisions that House Bill 337 relating to impact fees. He noted that impact fees or mobility fees cannot pay for existing deficiencies and reviewed requirements on adoption of impact fees. He stated that while there are constraints, with respect to adopting a new fee, there are few changes to the ordinance. He stated the bigger question is the Commission’s intent to adopt a fee for the OAO, citywide, other another area.

Mr. Ardaman responded to questions on the Bert J. Harris bill relating to property owner requirements to show “taking” of owner’s full use of their property.

Commissioner DeCiccio asked if it would better to implement a citywide fee, rather than just the OAO. Mr. Ardaman stated that the city must demonstrate a connection between development/redevelopment and funding for projects. Mr. Stephenson said the intent is to implement a fee for the entire city because impact fees collected in one designated area must be expended in that same area. He added that assessing the city-wide provides the ability to do projects where needed the most.

Commissioner Cooper said the commission needs to consider implementing a proportionate fare share, a mobility fee, or impact fee, whether the fee should be city- wide and the steps to enact a fee. She asked for staff to provide a presentation of the pros and cons for discussion and decision.

Commissioner Weaver questioned whether Progress Point should be separate and not included in the impact fee structure. Mayor Anderson said discussion is needed on what is and is not included in the impact fee. He added that the fee will not hold up the OAO adoption process.

Mr. Ardaman suggested the city should proceed with the adoption of the OAO and feels it would be a mistake to stop due to the BJH bill. He urged caution in adopting the OAO vision and how it is implemented. Mayor Anderson suggested the city attorney meet one on one with commissioners to discuss mechanisms to protect city.

Mr. Stephenson responded to questions regarding the adoption timeline and stated that the commission needs to determine when to move forward with citywide notice.

Mr. Stephenson said staff will provide a comparison of what is and is not allowed under the current code as well as what can be done with the adoption of the OAO.

Mayor Anderson asked Mr. Stephenson to recirculate the schedule and suggested the Commission discuss the schedule with Mr. Stephenson individually. Commissioner Cooper asked Mr. Stephenson to include a copy of the comp plan changes and add a policy statement regarding traditional grid systems.

b. Progress Point Discussion Commissioner DeCiccio stated she believes the city should provide improved infrastructure and drainage to assist the existing businesses. She spoke on parking needs for the area, existing business needs, green space, bike/ped connectivity and activation issues for the area. She feels the city should move forward with the RFP to get the project completed without additional spending other than what has already been allocated.

Commissioner Weaver said he would like to see the city’s economy diversify into business areas that aren’t tourist related. He does not think adding more restaurants or bars is good for the business community. He prefers to make modifications to Palmetto Avenue, plant trees around the perimeter of the park, add surface parking, and a rudimentary irrigation system that could supply the entire park later and stop there.

Commissioner Cooper agreed with Commissioner Weaver and would support Commissioner DeCiccio's plan in a phased approach. She discussed existing parking needs and potential joint parking initiatives. She would like to see the business owners create a merchant association to address activating the corridor.

Commission Sullivan agreed with moving forward with surface parking, planting of trees, moving Palmetto Avenue and supports the idea of having the merchant’s input on activating the corridor. Discussion was held regarding the realignment of Palmetto Avenue, connectivity and timing of the activation pad.

Mayor Anderson summarized the consensus to move forward with the planting of trees in the proposed park and add surface parking. He stated he would prefer to have the realignment accompany an activation plan rather than being done in preparation for an RFP. Discussion followed on what should be included in a RFP.

Mr. Stephenson noted that staff is conducting a parking analysis.He spoke on existing conditions and mitigation needs on the property before sidewalks, building pads and trees are planted and a park can be built.

Discussion followed on the allocation of funds ,infrastructure improvements, resources for design and construction of surface parking to support businesses, future construction of a parking garage, activation and intensity, preferred uses by the neighborhood and building compatibility for Progress Point.

Mayor Anderson asked staff to study the existing parking demand in order identify additional needs. Staff will send the commission the parking data, transportation impact fee presentation and the most recent OAO schedule.

Mayor Anderson stated that he would like to see illustrations and tables accompany the public notices as is done with large scale zonings. He suggested that staff begin laying out the public notices to prepare for moving forward with city-wide notice.

3) Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

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