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City Commission Work Session Minutes - December 10, 2020

Updated: Feb 27, 2021


Vice-Mayor Carolyn Cooper

Commissioner Marty Sullivan Commissioner Sheila DeCiccio

Commissioner Todd Weaver

City Manager Randy Knight

City Clerk Rene Cranis


Mayor Steve Leary

Also present: Director of Planning and Transportation Bronce Stephenson

Jeffrey Blydenburgh

Bill Finfrock 1) Call to Order Vice-Mayor Cooper called the meeting to order at 1pm.

2) Discussion Item(s) a. Concept from Jeffrey Blydenburgh Commissioner Cooper introduced Jeff Blydenburgh and Bill Finfrock.

Mr. Blydenburgh discussed a different approach to master planning for the city and Orange Avenue by using a banquet to describe the vision for Winter Park. He presented a land use map showing bike path connections, open space and connectivity map/plan and discussed how spaces are related to each other and their functions.

Mr. Blydenburgh proposed an Orange Avenue Banquet with a new neighborhood for Winter Park. He discussed the Winter Park vision plan and opined that Winter Park’s strongest selling points are its neighborhoods. He showed a map of neighborhoods throughout the city and discussed possibilities for a new Orange Avenue neighborhood.

Mr. Blydenburgh provided slides of a new neighborhood development project in Tempe, Arizona called the “Culdesac Project”as an option for Orange Avenue and discussed different and new types of housing meant to be compatible with R-1 zoning, multimodal activities, diversity, and open space. He explained that the “Culdesac Project” is a “no car” concept and that the neighborhood is on a transit line with an area for visitor parking, but residents would use bikes, scooters and other means of travel in the neighborhood. He explained how this type of neighborhood could work in the OAO. He discussed the importance of open space and connectivity for the area and provided different concepts.

Commissioner Cooper asked Mr. Blydenburgh to provide codes for the “Culdesac Project” in Tempe, AZ.

Discussion was held on when the commission would be discussing the codes for the OAO and the work session schedule. Mr. Stephenson stated that the David Lamm was asked to speak at the January 14th work session.

Mr. Stephenson presented the OAO subarea map and explained that staff is proposing removing areas that may not be appropriate to remain in the overlay. He answered questions regarding Jewett parking deck options.

After discussion,.Mr. Stephenson said he will provide an updated version of the OAO documentation to the Commission by December 14, including parcels proposed to be removed from the Overlay.In return, the Commission will send their markups to Mr. Stephenson. Discussion was held on parking considerations for the E properties. Commissioner DeCiccio stated that Dan Bellows has requested that the two-story self- storage at 400 Comstock be included in the Overlay. The Commission will review and consider Mr. Bellows request.

b. Parking Structure Discussion Mr. Finfrock began his presentation by reviewing the important considerations when planning a parking garage such as the potential user, financing, convenience of location, vehicle access from street, traffic impacts in area, aesthetic impacts in area, and number of spaces.

Mr. Finfrock explained that his company has been through the process with a number of cities throughout Florida, including Winter Garden, Ocala, Cocoa Beach and Bradenton. He suggested that the first planning session focus on the considerations noted above and the basic framework. He discussed the importance of identifying the main cost drivers and available footprint being built upon and explained that the larger the area consumed to build the parking garage, the less expensive the parking garage will be. He discussed architectural considerations, number of spaces, and open-air ventilated garage vs. mechanically ventilated. He discussed the City’s parking garage code and suggested open-air garage option. Other cost drivers to be considered include number of elevators and stairs, foundation systems. electric charging stations, access control equip, solar arrays, retention areas, speed ramps, on ramps, retail/other uses and painted interiors and basement levels which are significantly more expensive than at or above-ground garages.

Mr. Finfrock presented an image and discussed SunTrust Rollins College parking garage. He explained the benefits of having larger garage and stressed the importance of selecting the right site. He provided images of other parking garages at the Paseo, Denning and Morse & Pennsylvania that all are similar in size and are the minimum footprint recommended.

Mr. Finfrock expressed his willingness to work with staff to evaluate possible locations for a parking garage and provided examples of potential costs to design and build a parking garage. He presented additional costs including permitting/impact fees, financing costs, contingency funds for unforeseen condition, and sitework.

Mr. Finfrock encouraged the city to do a Design Build RFP and establish priorities and a budget.He showed examples and architectural styles of different garages his firm has built and discussed various architectural aspects. He emphasized that the footprint of the garage would determine the overall cost of the garage. Discussion was held on the economic benefits for parking garages at different sizes.

After additional discussion on City’s next steps, Vice Mayor Cooper adjourned the

meeting at 2:41 p.m.

Posted to on January 27, 2021.

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